September 11,2001
doing wash that day
when my Mom called in tears
have you looked at your TV she did say
What are you talking about my dear
and why are you crying so bad
I flipped on my TV and took a look
and then I was so sad
For on the set I saw the smoke
and a building I recognized
my brother worked across the street
form the WTC against the skies
It took my 36 hours
but I finally found him ok
but I agonized
as I watched events unfold that day
Now it's been 4 years
and I shall never forget
thanks to one friend
who did a campaign with a bracelet
I wear that ring of steel
each and every day
I shall never forget
all the lives that went to Heaven that day
And neither should you forget
for it cannot happen once more
if you learn from history
then on tragedy we can shut the door
Four years ago tomorrow
the New York skies grew dark
from the World Trade Center
all the way to Central Park
Now I have reminded you all
and please let us do our part
September 11, 2001
should forever remain in our heart
written by Debi Fisher
(c) September 10, 2005





(c)2003 - 2005 Simply Shannon
Shannon G Hazlett